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We can ensure your business in Kingaroy is fully compliant with Australian safety standards when it comes to Fire Safety. We offer a range of fire services including the supply, installation and maintenance of Fire Extinguishers, Fire Blankets, Fire Hoses, Smoke Detectors and much more.

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Fire Safety for Nanango Businesses

Fire safety is an essential part of owning and operating a business in Kingaroy. Every business owner needs to be concerned about following and going above and beyond the local guidelines required to protect their business. Without following these guidelines, a business could experience a fire and have no way to control it or get people out of the building safely. This could lead to severe injuries or death for which the business would be liable. FCF Fire & Electrical can help Kingaroy business owners learn more about fire safety in their workplace. Contact us today for expert advice on Fire Safety for your Kingaroy Business.

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Fire Safety Kingaroy – for Every Type of Business

Australian Standards 1851 (AS1851) explain that business owners must ensure their Fire Safety and Electrical equipment is serviced and maintained on a regular basis to ensure it is fully operational. This is the case across many industries such as Shops, Offices, Schools, Accomodation, Child Care Centres etc.

Some industries require more frequent testing than other industries. This is particularly the case for accomodation and school / educational facilities.

It is vital that if you offer public accomodation that your smoke detectors are fully operational. Lives have been saved because of smoke alarms. If you are an industrial, manufacturing or processing business, then you may need more frequent electrical testing for your electrical equipment.

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Fire Protection Equipment Kingaroy

There are four main types of equipment that help to protect a building from fires. Depending on the building, it could have all or some of these. A business owner will need to determine what they’re required to have and what’s going to be the right option for their business.

Fire Extinguisher for Kingaroy Businesses

Kingaroy Fire Extinguishers

Just about every business will need to have fire extinguishers as part of the Fire Protection Equipment in Kingaroy. There are different fire extinguishers for different uses so a business should have each type they might need based on what is typically stored in the business and whether any chemicals are regularly used.

Fire Hose Systems

Fire hoses can be extremely beneficial in the event of a large fire and may be used by the business or by the firefighters who arrive on the scene to fight the fire. This should be easy to use and conveniently placed so a person can escape the fire if it doesn’t successfully stop the fire.

smoke detectors for Nanango Businesses
Fire hydrants for Kingaroy Business

Fire Hydrant Systems

Fire hydrants placed throughout a building can make it easier for firefighters to fight a fire successfully. However, these should only be used by a trained firefighter as injuries can occur when they’re used by someone who isn’t trained due to the high water pressure.

Fire Detection Panels

If a fire is detected, an indoor sprinkler system can be set off that will help to stop the fire as quickly as possible. This is actually one of the most reliable methods of stopping a fire as it works automatically when it detects a high temperature in the room. If a fire is detected, water sprays throughout the building, stopping the fire and protecting against the spread of the fire by also wetting anything that might be combustible.

Fire Detection Panels Kingaroy

Australian Safety Standards and Fire Equipment Inspections

The Australian Standard dictates what fire equipment needs to be used in a building based on the type of building and how often inspections should be done to ensure the equipment is working properly.

On top of the above Fire Protection Equipment in Kingaroy, it also discusses creating and maintaining plans for Fire Safety in Kingaroy as well as how to train employees and what a business owner needs to know about protecting their building, employees and customers.

A business owner will need to comply with the guidelines in the Australian Standards by purchasing and maintaining the proper equipment and making sure employees understand how and when to use it.

For more information about Australian Standards visit our page on AS1851 on the FCF National Site.

General Fire Safety Guidelines

A business owner should be familiar with basic safe practices for their Kingaroy Fire Equipment as well as how to deal with a fire and evacuation when it occurs. The business owner will want to ensure they have the proper equipment for their building, as well as a sufficient amount of equipment. It should be placed where it can be easily reached if a fire occurs and the business owner will want to work with a professional for Fire Equipment Maintenance to ensure all equipment will be ready to use when it’s needed. Employees should be familiar with an emergency evacuation plan for the business as well as how to use the fire protection equipment to try to stop the fire. The business owner will also want to make sure there are clear signs designating an evacuation route so the employees and customers can easily get out of the building if there is a fire.

If you’re a business owner, you should be sure that your fire safety equipment is tested regularly, up to date, and complete. If you have any questions, you will want to contact an expert who can help make sure your business is protected in the event of an emergency. Doing so could save lives. For the Supply, Installation, Maintenance and Inspection of Fire Protection Equipment in Kingaroy, Call us today.

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