Fire Protection Brigalow – Fire Extinguishers & Fire Equipment Maintenance

We supply Brigalow Business owners with Fire Safety Equipment such as Fire Extinguishers, Fire Panels, Emergency Exit Lights, RCDs and much more.

We can help ensure your business is fully Compliant with Australian Fire Safety Standards as set by AS1851. We also offer a range of residential and commercial electrical services.

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All Australian Business owners in Brigalow want their businesses to be safe from fire dangers. But, not all of them know what precautions to take to ensure improved fire safety in their workplaces. Some are reluctant to take the time or spend the money to make the required improvements. All business owners should be aware of their legal obligations as business owners. If disaster strikes and the fire prevention obligations have not been honored, the business owners will be liable.

The Business Owner’s Obligations For Brigalow Fire Safety Equipment

The Australian Community Safety Department requires business owners to have certain fire equipment in their buildings and has Fire Safety Compliance regulations that must be followed. A small business owner can request documents on Australian Standards and Building codes. There are rules for what equipment should be in different types and sizes of buildings and rules pertaining to the location and maintenance of that equipment. Buildings may be required to have fire extinguishers, fire hose reels, automatic sprinkler systems, and fire hydrant systems. These systems must be in good working order and employees must be trained to use them when they are needed.


The Types Of Fire Safety Equipment – Purposes And Uses

  • Fire Extinguishers with the correct extinguishing agents for the building and type of business. Fire extinguishers are the first line of defense against fire. Fires usually start out small and if they are found and extinguished at that point, they are more controllable. It is important that the right agent be used in them.
  1. Water is used for wood and paper fires.
  2. Foam is used on flammable liquid fires.
  3. Carbon dioxide is the agent that works well on electrical fires.
  4. Dry chemicals are used for flammable liquids and electrical fires.
  5. Wet chemicals can be used for fat fires.
  6. Some businesses require special purpose agents meant to fight metal fires and other less common types of fires.

Government rules apply to the placement of fire extinguishers. Fire extinguishers must be clearly marked and color coded by the extinguishing agent used in them. Fire extinguishers should be located near building exits. The correct practice is for workers to go to the exits, take up a fire extinguisher, then go back to fight the fire with a safe escape route behind them. Other locations might be at fire danger points in the building. Fire Extinguishers in Brigalow must be well maintained and tested periodically.

fire hose

  • Fire Hose Reels can be used by company workers to fight the fire or by firefighters. They should be located near exits so the hose can be followed back to the exit if needed. The best kind of hose reel in Australia is a swivel one that lays the hose at floor level where it is easier for one employee to withdraw and use the hose.
  • Fire Hydrant Systems can be installed in commercial buildings to help firefighters start fighting the fire more quickly. These hydrants are only for the use of trained firefighters because of the high water pressure that is involved with them. A Fire Hydrant is a water delivery system to help firefighters get water to fight fires sooner.
  • Automatic Sprinkler Systems are important in firefighting. A line of special sprinkler heads at ceiling height with sensors goes into operation when a fire occurs. They must be connected to a pressurized water system so that when the temperature of the sprinkler head reaches a certain level, the water will be released to sprinkle down on the fire controlling it until firefighters arrive to extinguish the fire.

Fire detection systems

The Community Safety Department can give advice and guidance to business owners in reference to the installation and maintenance of these types of Fire Protection in Brigalow. Having the correct equipment is a good start, but the business owner must take the additional step of training workers in the proper use and location of all fire fighting equipment. Emergency evacuation routes and procedures must also be taught. For professional assistance and information, contact FCF Fire and Electrical soon.

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